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from Time To Say Goodbye | Published 4/1/2021

Hello!This week, your intrepid hosts had the pleasure to speak with journalist Daniel Denvir and his podcast “The Dig,” with Jacobin Radio. Daniel engaged us on a number of topics we’ve touched upon recently, including: the Atlanta shootings and the question of anti-Asian violence; the connection between anti-China foreign policy and domestic anti-Asian racism; the potential for an Asian backlash against liberalism and the Democratic party; affirmative-action fights and the enduring mythology of “model minorities”; and the coherence and usefulness of “Asian” identity. If you’re curious, please check out The Dig’s other podcast episodes, found here:https://www.thedigradio.com/As always, please reach out to us with comments and questions:[email protected]@ttsgpod on twitterand you can support us through:https://www.patreon.com/ttsgpodhttps://goodbye.substack.com/p/support-the-show-through-substackAddenda: some sources referenced by Andy.1) Alien Capital by Iyko Day, named on the show.2) On the link between Japanese and US “comfort stations” in Asia, see Sara Kang’s work in this article last week (Harper’s Bazaar).3) On the role of Asian American ‘model minority’ fantasies in the infamous 1965 Moynihan Report on “the Negro family,” see Ellen Wu’s The Color of Success. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at goodbye.substack.com/subscribe

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