Episode 18: My biggest (and only) regret while working for LEGO

In this episode,  I talk about how I spent my 7,5 months of maternity leave, explain why I think mothers in the US are treated worse than a dog, and share my biggest regret while working for LEGO.If you're too impatient, and just wanna know what my biggest regret is- skip 15min and 50 seconds into the episode ....you're welcome ;-)

Om Podcasten

After a combined 10 years of work experience from #Google and #LEGO, I decided to hand in my #resignation letter to pursue a business idea.When I left LEGO, the plan was to find another full-time job that would make me better equipped to start my own company. But, as time passed, I realised that fear was the driving force to take on another full-time job.I didn't need more work experience to pursue this business idea, what I needed to do was to jump in with both feet. So, I did.While navigating my way through this entrepreneurial journey, I decided to start a podcast "To My Daughter". In this podcast, you'll hear the experiences, thoughts, and learnings of a 2nd-generation- #Vietnamese #immigrant, living in #Norway. I'll share everything from my work experience at Google and LEGO, to my thoughts on raising a daughter who is half Vietnamese, a quarter Nigerian, and a quarter Norwegian. The intention behind this podcast is to share what I've learned so far with my- currently- 2-year-old daughter. But, I hope you find this podcast interesting too. If so, hit that subscribe button! Oh, and my name is Mi, by the way. Pronounced the same way as "me" ;-)