Episode 4: Survivors Guilt, Pop Stars and Resentful Retirees (Season 2)

Tom Sainsbury's Small Town Scandal - A podcast by iHeartRadio NZ


After breaking the news to David Dearlove, Toby continues the investigation. The leads are all a bit cold, until he finds out that Anthea has headed out on a boat with the bullying teenagers from the beach. Why would she have lied to him? Trying to get to the bottom of the whether Levi Levarne will be in town and what that might have to do with the New Years threat, he tries to find out more from the teenagers in town and social media posts after HungryHungry70 implies there will be a bomb on New Years Eve. By the end of the night though, his focus moves onto another generation – is the threat to Ruatuna coming from the retirees who want their quiet town back? An 8-part mockumentary true-crime podcast parodying the podcasts like Serial, Teachers Pet and Drop Out. All voiced by one actor - Tom Sainsbury.  Facebook: Tom Sainsbury - Comedian and Snapchat Dude | Facebook Instagram: @thomassainsbury / @iheartradionz Terms and Conditions for the TalkBack Competition: https://bit.ly/3tb3hEb  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.