Marc Morano

New video of the Uvalde shooting shows the level of cowardice by police was worse than even suspected..…in fact, new low in modern history. Trish takes us through the video and discusses the meaning of this tragedy in an age when people seem to value their own safety over the lives of all others, even children. And Marc Morano explains why the fall of Sri Lanka was pre-determined by the government’s obsessive green farming policy designed by Globalist experts and the WEF.  ----------------------------------------------- Support Trish on Patreon Find her on Twitter   Read her Substack    Shop:  

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Award-winning journalist Trish Wood digs deep with guests and thinks critically about the world, COVID-19 policy, true crime, wrongful convictions, epic media fails, addiction, the gender wars and sometimes basketball. Trish’s acclaimed interview style, empathetic but tough and agenda-free, explodes convention and exposes raw truth. Trish Wood's guests include: Matt Taibbi, Scott Atlas, Naomi Wolf, Abigail Shrier, Michael Shermer, Meghan Daum and Nancy Rommelmann. Listeners of this show also enjoy The Joe Rogan Podcast, Blocked and Reporter with Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog and Dave Rubin's show The Rubin Report as well as UK Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer.