Turner Stories Podcast

Episode 1: The Money Tree

from Turner Stories Podcast | Published 2/16/2018

Have you ever dreamed about having a money tree in your garden? What would you do with such a fortune? The man in this story couldn’t believe his luck as he found out one morning a money tree was growing in his garden. Coming from a poor background, his life changes dramatically. What would he do with his new found fortune? 

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Turner Stories Podcast. This podcast is an anthology series of short stories. I will read one of my short stories every month. The stories are originally shared on Turnerstories.com and can be described as a mix between the TV-show Black Mirror & fairy tales. Inspired by magic, science fiction, futurism and humanity, I reflect on our shared human experience. These stories are places where reality meets fantasy. From a magic money tree, technology gone bad, societies shaken and time travel.