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EPISODE THIRTY FIVE: Two Guys Talking Rush/ Pt.1 w Ralph Chapman

from Two Guys Talking Rush | Published 4/11/2021

Hello again Rush fans! Welcome to Episode 35 of the worlds greatest Rush podcast––– Two Guys Talking Rush! This week John and Dan repeatedly clench their sweaty foreheads, toiling over something clever to say. And we came up big! Let us entertain you… On 2GTR we love a good documentary, especially about Rush. Join us as we DIG DEEP into the 2010 Rush doc: Beyond the Lighted Stage with the films story consultant ––Ralph Chapman! A little bit about Ralph… Ralph Chapman was a producer and writer, known for The Jane Show (2004), Metal Evolution (2011) and ZZ Top: That Little Ol' Band from Texas (2019). In the past he has been a story editor/project producer/development producer (documentary and scripted). And yes... a story consultant for the Rush Documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage! Ralph is a super guy, super smart, and a HUGE Rush fan! Thank you Ralph! Thank you for listening to 2GTR! Best, John & Dan Please support our podcast on Patreon if you can:

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Amid generations of die hard fans what hasn’t already been discussed about RUSH? Even so, their indelible imprint binds us, propelling further discourse about our geek-rock idols. With every album and supporting tour, there was always hope of another glimpse of their exemplary musicianship. This is no longer. In scope Two Guys Talking Rush keeps the conversation and spirit alive about the technical, and philosophical mastery of a Canadian band that meant so much to so many.