TWCC131 – Electronic Opium, Episode 131

This week, our topic comes from Christian, who asks us to discuss ‘cell phone addiction’ in China after watching this video. If you want to ask us a question just go to our voicemail page and leave us your question! In This Episode, We Talk About… Nora’s fact about Jaywalkers in Shenzhen now Under Surveillance... Read More

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Whether you're just curious about life in China or seriously considering spending some time or setting up a business in the largest economy on earth, Hollie and Nora are here to answer all of your questions about living, working and playing in China. Hollie is from the UK, has been in China since 2011 and is currently working as the Social Media Director of a tech company in Shenzhen. Nora is from the US and has been living in China since 2009. Nora is the co-founder of Discover how to negotiate with Chinese business people, what it really takes to learn Mandarin, how Chinese people let their hair down and any other questions you might wonder about what's it really like to live in China today. Hollie and Nora are not afraid to get their hands dirty and get into the good, the bad and the ugly about what it's like to be a foreign girl in the fastest growing city in China- on the opposite side of the globe from home!