Episode 39 - Yalda Alaoui on how she healed the auto-immune disease that nearly took her life & the power of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

Unstressable with Alice Law - A podcast by Alice Law - (Lawali Life)

In this episode Alice is joined by Yalda Alaoui. Founder of the platform Eat Burn Sleep. Yalda Alaoui is a gut health and inflammation expert, former capital market professional, and a mother of two boys aged 10 and 12. Yalda has always been interested in health. However, it is her own health journey and the fact that she was diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases – Ulcerative Colitis in 2017 and Auto-Immune Haemolytic Anaemia- in 2012 – that made her begin to extensively research nutrition and health. During her research, Yalda began to understand that the key factor in many non-communicable diseases is chronic inflammation and, as a consequence, also gut health.  I loved this episode as I found Yalda's story so inspiring and her research amazing - since recording I have been using the platform myself and have found it is doing wonders for my own health. In this episode we talked all about: - Yalda's own incredible story from curing herself from the multiple auto-immune diseases that nearly took her life - The health journey that led her to understand how she was eating could save her life - The true importance of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle - What her platform Eat Burn Sleep is all about - The importance of understanding the difference and varied strengths of both natural & functional medicine and emergency medicine - Why being a perfectionist to ourselves is not worth it - Her own NDE (Near death experience) in hospital - The power of not being scared of death - How the loss of her cousin to a terrorist attack changed how she viewed life - The difference between Eastern and Western cultures approaches to grief and death and so much more... If you would like to try Yalda's Eat Burn Sleep platform and use the discount she has kindly given all of you wonderful listeners of mine - then click the link below and enter the code ALICE20 at checkout for 20% off https://eatburnsleep.com/improve-gut-health/ After many years of trial and error, she has finally managed to keep herself in remission and live a normal life again. Not only that, but Yalda is also healthier than she has ever been. Many medical professionals now consider Yalda to be an authority in this area and often contact her to help solve new medical issues arising which are challenging the medical establishment. As a result of this success and her passion for health, Yalda decided to share her knowledge and help more people. In 2018 Eat Burn Sleep was born and by now, thousands of people around the globe have embraced the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle and have managed to significantly improve their health.   If you enjoyed the episode then come find us on social media - share and tag us in your stories, we would love to hear from you! Me: IG: @lawali_life www.lawali-life.com   Yalda: IG: @eatburnsleep https://eatburnsleep.com/ Just use the code ALICE20 at checkout for 20% off