Episode 43 Tori Jenae - On understanding soulmates & why our own healing is the key to finding true love

Unstressable with Alice Law - A podcast by Alice Law - (Lawali Life)

In this episode I am joined again by the wonderful Tori Jenae (go to episode 1 if you haven't already listened to her incredibly inspiring story.  But today I bring Tori back to talk about a topic close to everyone's hearts - relationships & love. Tori is a Spiritual Counselor &  Energy Therapist, I just loved talking to her about this topic and getting her infinite wisdom on something that so many struggle with when both in a relationship & when searching for one. She comes at the topic of love & relationships from a spiritual perspective & a deeper understanding which is so powerful. In this episode we talked all about: - Love & relationships - What the real meaning of a soulmate is & why Hollywood have it wrong - Why we sabotage ourselves within our relationships through not healing our wounds - Why dating is meant to be a spiritual partnership - Why children will come to you when they are meant to spiritually, so we shouldn't be in fear  - Manifesting love & being clear on what you want - The importance of falling in love over and over in a long-term relationship - Why when the universe wants you to find a soul it will help you to do so - Surrendering our heart to someone & being unattached - Why people get their karma & destiny mixed up in love & so much more... Tori Jenae is a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Therapist.  She helps women become powerful creators of their own life by aligning with their soul and healing the mind and body to manifest the health, love and abundance they deeply desire.    Tori holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Psychology as well as a secondary Masters degree specialization in transformational coaching. She’s also a certified yoga and meditation teacher at the 500 hour level and trained in Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology is an energy modality, approved by the American Psychological Association, that clears deep emotions, beliefs, and difficult experiences like emotional trauma.    She effortlessly blends Western Psychology and Eastern Vedic Wisdom to help her clients get big results.   Find Tori here: website: www.torijenae.com IG & FB: @manifestsoulsuccess    If you did enjoy this episode then please share it on your stories tag us on IG & let us know, we would love to hear from you.   Alice: www.lawali-life.com IG: @lawali_life LinkedIn: Alice Law Stress Management