Episode 46 - Michelle Bolling on surviving an abusive relationship & how energetics and spirituality saved her life

Unstressable with Alice Law - A podcast by Alice Law - (Lawali Life)

* Please note this episode has a trigger warning for those suffering or having suffered from domestic abuse https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/   In this episode I am joined by the wonderful Michelle Bolling. Michelle is a Certified Transformational Coach with a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, an Energy Therapist and an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner.  She is the founder of Sacred Life, a company that’s dedicated to helping others thrive in their full potential through holistic healing, personal and spiritual development. This was a wonderful and moving conversation with Michelle's incredible personal story of survival and how her own spiritual awakening and using energetics is what got her though and out of an abusive relationship. In this episode we talked all about: Her own story of getting herself out of an abusive relationship Why learning to work with energy is what saved her life Divine Intervention in the form of people and books How her prayer for compassion and empathy gave her influence over her abuser How our own energy can shift the dynamics of energy outside of us The soul is seeking to take the lead in our lives What is a spiritual awakening Understanding our own karmic patterns Soul contracts – the meaning The 8 different energy centres of the soul that we have access to What is means to live in alignment with your soul Why self-love is really a spiritual practice & the practices we can do to cultivate it Why an empathic centre of connection is the key to healing The importance of holding space for joy within sadness Why connecting to the heart is where we connect to the soul And so much more... Michelle offers a combination of transformational coaching, energy psychology, and intuitive spiritual counselling, providing a unique and highly customised experience, integrating the body, mind, heart and soul. Further, she teaches transformational tools for daily life for optimal self-mastery and well-being.   She is also a writer, teacher, workshop facilitator, and a trainer of other holistic wellness professionals. She regularly shares transformational tools and resources on her blog and through her newsletter, The Power In You.   Find Michelle here:   IG: Michelle's Instagram Website: sacredlifeempowerment.com   If you did enjoy the episode then share it with someone you love and tag us on social media, we would love to hear from you!   Get in touch with Alice here: IG: @lawali_life LinkedIn www.lawali-life.com