Japanimation Station #05 – Dragon Ball Z Broly Trilogy Retrospective (Movies 8, 10, 11)

Ahead of the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in North American theaters this Friday, we’re bringing you three special bonus episodes all about Dragon Ball, originally recorded in 2019 for The Weekly Stuff Podcast. In today’s episode, we look back on the three Dragon Ball Z movies from the 90s that introduced the iconic – if not always entertaining – character Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan. Before he was successfully reinvented by Akira Toriyama himself for the 2018 Dragon Ball Super film, Broly was a monosyllabic buff dude who mostly shouted “KAKAROTTO!!” and punched things before being beaten in an 11th-hour deus ex machina, and his films – DBZ Movies 8, 10, and 11 – are mostly duds, albeit ones that are very entertaining to talk about. It’s a conversation we very much enjoyed having back in the day, before we knew how much we’d love Broly coming out of the Dragon Ball Super film, and we’re happy to share it with Japanimation Station listeners today. Enjoy, and come back tomorrow for our final Dragon Ball bonus as we review the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film and see how Broly got his groove back! Follow us on Twitter @JapanimationPod Follow Jonathan Lack on Twitter @JonathanLack  Follow Sean Chapman on Twitter @SeantheChapman  JapanimationStation.Com WeeklySuitGundam.Com WeeklyStuffPodcast.Com

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