Vicky Pattison, Women's Darts, Period Loss and Iranian Feminists Cyberattack.

TV personality Vicky Pattison shot to fame on the reality show Geordie Shore, where her extreme party-girl lifestyle in Newcastle was lived out in front of the cameras. Now, she’s taking a long, hard look at her past in a new documentary which centres around her father’s struggle with alcoholism for most of his adult life. She explains to Nuala McGovern how this has, in part, contributed towards her own unhealthy relationship with drinking. We look ahead to this weekend’s historic event in the world of women’s darts as the World Matchplay tournament which takes place in Blackpool is the first female tournament to be fully televised. We catch up with the woman known as ‘Queen of the Palace’, Fallon Sherrock, about her career, her success and also about how the sport has grown. Did you know that diet and exercise can cause period loss, even if you're considered to be a generally healthy person? FHA – functional hypothalamic amenorrhea – is when over-exercising, under-eating or stress causes the body to stop menstruating. It's estimated that FHA affects between 2-5% of women, with 30% of women who exercise, including elite athletes considered to be at peak health, experiencing period loss. On Tiktok, the hashtag #periodloss has over 2.9 million views, and is full of women talking about their experiences with FHA. Nuala is joined by Martha Williams, a Senior Clinical Advice Coordinator at Beat, a charity working to tackle eating disorders, and Olivia Nevill, an online fitness coach who has experienced FHA. At least 20 Iranian feminists, most connected to Iran's #MeToo Movement, have written a letter of complaint to Instagram and Facebook after they were bombarded with thousands of fake followers. They say they've been deliberately targeted and want META - the owner of the social media platforms - to take action. They say they're under a "coordinated cyberattack". Because the bots have made their accounts unmanageable, they've had to put their accounts on private mode which limits their social media reach and the community they're trying to build. Nuala is joined by Samaneh Savadi, an Iranian women’s rights activist based here in the UK.

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