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Episode 91: What to Do When the Strategies You Try Aren’t Working

from Your Parenting Long Game | Published 7/15/2021

In the past, you may have tried to implement strategies that resonate with you… a strategy to motivate your daughter to clean her room or to teach your son to be more respectful… but when you try that strategy, it doesn’t work. Especially if you’ve made multiple attempts, you may start to feel defeated and hopeless. In this episode, you’ll learn what to do when strategies you’ve tried don’t have the impact you wanted them to -- especially when you don’t have a lot of energy, but you don’t want to stop trying.

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This podcast is for parents who not only want to short-term tips for handling current kids' behaviors and moods, but who are exhausted from addressing the same situation over and over and want to find solutions that last much longer into the future. Because you will receive plans and step-by-step tools, it's also for parents who crave feeling in control -- and who do much better with structure than the chaos traditionally associated with parenting.