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Episode 92: When Your Child is Sensitive to Feedback or Discipline

from Your Parenting Long Game | Published 7/22/2021

We all have to provide instruction to our children -- setting limits, letting them know when they’ve done something wrong, suggesting ways to do things differently in the future. But some children get very upset about this type of feedback; they may become defensive or angry, become overly apologetic, or say mean things about themselves. In this episode, you’ll learn why some children have such a difficult time with these messages (no matter how nicely we say them), how to respond to their reactions, and how you can foster resilience so they can handle the fact that they will hear a lot of “criticism” in their lifetime.

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This podcast is for parents who not only want to short-term tips for handling current kids' behaviors and moods, but who are exhausted from addressing the same situation over and over and want to find solutions that last much longer into the future. Because you will receive plans and step-by-step tools, it's also for parents who crave feeling in control -- and who do much better with structure than the chaos traditionally associated with parenting.