Jenna Irvin | 3 Tips to Renew Your Perspective and Embrace the Struggle

If you are in the middle of a struggle or challenge, this episode is a definite must, as Nicola dives into reframing your struggle and making friends with it. Discover why your brain loves to learn how to define and solve a problem and the confidence and personal transformation that comes with this. If you are doubting whether struggles and challenges can be positive listen in to find out why struggle strengthens your success. Also meet Nicola’s lovely guest this week, Jenna Irvin, Coach, who shares her incredible business journey in the last three years having opened her first business at 21, a Pure Barre studio, in a town where she had only visited once. Discover how she doubled her investment and in just 10 months funded her latest current business in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Hear how she faced personal and business struggles, her resistance around money, her eating disorder challenges and whyshe has now taken all of these experiences to help others in her coaching. You will find out what she did to keep moving forward, the importance of removing our hyper-focus on money, taking a leap when necessary and the importance of pursuing personal happiness. A very wise woman at a very young age. Happy listening! Links WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @jennairvin Essential oils from Doterra

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