A Nation for Thieves

A podcast by Lionsgate Sound


9 Episodes

  1. Introducing Died and Survived

    Published: 1/11/2023
  2. Ep 7: The War in Ukraine

    Published: 12/13/2022
  3. Ep 6: Testifying in Bangladesh

    Published: 12/6/2022
  4. Ep 5: We Are Going After Everybody

    Published: 11/29/2022
  5. Ep 4: The Real Life James Bond

    Published: 11/22/2022
  6. Ep 3: The Most Corrupt Country In The World

    Published: 11/15/2022
  7. Ep 2: Harboring a Kleptocrat

    Published: 11/15/2022
  8. Ep 1: Meet Debra LaPrevotte

    Published: 11/15/2022
  9. Welcome to A Nation for Thieves

    Published: 10/14/2022

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“Kleptocracy” (noun): “rule by thieves” — a form of corruption that allows the ruling class to accumulate great wealth and power while neglecting the mass of citizens. FBI special agent and all round badass Debra LaPrevotte singlehandedly created the FBI’s first kleptocracy department, exposing leaders whose corruption has fueled war crimes and other atrocities, including the current war in Ukraine. Hosted by actor Justin Shenkarow, “A Nation for Thieves” delves into how Debra recovered over $1 billion dollars of dirty money from the world’s most corrupt leaders. She takes us on her international treasure hunt, retrieving priceless items of art, cars, yachts, and suitcases full of cash. New episodes come out every Tuesday.