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  1. Episode 134: Redefining Trauma Work Through Collective Healing [featuring Marjorie Jean]

    Published: 4/20/2024
  2. Episode 133: Life's Trials: Podcasting, Private Practice, and Personal Growth [featuring Gordon Brewer]

    Published: 4/13/2024
  3. Episode 132: From Therapist to Boss: Leadership Roles in Group Practice [featuring Lindsay Keisman]

    Published: 4/6/2024
  4. Episode 131: Disclosure & Authenticity = Therapeutic Rapport and Safety [featuring Sandtrice Russell]

    Published: 3/30/2024
  5. Episode 130: How To Build & Sell A Thriving Group Practice [featuring Dan King]

    Published: 3/23/2024
  6. Episode 129: BIPOC Queer Care: Building Affirmative Spaces in Mental Health [featuring Dr. Antoine Crosby]

    Published: 3/16/2024
  7. Episode 128: How To Successfully Grow + Sell Your Private Practice [featuring Nicole McCance]

    Published: 3/9/2024
  8. Episode 127: Failure isn't Final: Failure is a Data Point [featuring Leah Riddell]

    Published: 3/2/2024
  9. Episode 126: From Burnout to Breakthrough: Selling A Group Practice Successfully [featuring Gabrielle Juliano-Villani]

    Published: 2/24/2024
  10. Episode 125: When Life Hands You Lemons: Pivot and Adapt [featuring Danica Wolf]

    Published: 2/17/2024
  11. Episode 124: Empowering Healthcare Providers: Secure Texting and Telemedicine with Spruce Health [featuring Jessica Gulish]

    Published: 2/10/2024
  12. Episode 123: Ripping the Bandaid Off Hurts, But We Have to Hurt to Heal [featuring Arielle Jordan]

    Published: 2/3/2024
  13. Episode 122: Profit First For Therapists: Making Money Work [featuring Julie Herres]

    Published: 1/27/2024
  14. Episode 121: Marketing Authenticity and Client Relationships in Private Practice [featuring Ryan Schwartz]

    Published: 1/20/2024
  15. Episode 120: Retirement Planning 101: How To Protect Your Future [featuring Ryan Derousseau]

    Published: 1/13/2024
  16. [FLASHBACK - Episode 44] Adult Autism: Neurodivergent Insights [featuring Megan Neff]

    Published: 1/6/2024
  17. [FLASHBACK - Episode 10] Peeing Your Pants & Other Private Practice Startup Fears [featuring Jeff Guenther]

    Published: 12/30/2023
  18. [FLASHBACK - Episode 33] Taxes... Not As Scary As You Think [Featuring Jennie Schottmiller]

    Published: 12/23/2023
  19. Episode 116: The Entrepreneurial Journey: Boundaries, Balance, and Building a Successful Practice [featuring Kathryn Esquer and Allie Joy]

    Published: 12/16/2023
  20. Episode 115: Amplifying Underrepresented Voices: The Journey Of A Black Neurodivergent Therapist [featuring Jessica Crunkleton]

    Published: 12/9/2023

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All Things Private Practice Podcast is where we dive deep into the gritty, unfiltered world of being a mental health entrepreneur and a private practice therapist. Join us as we explore the emotional roller coaster of this wild journey, tackling the raw and unapologetic aspects that often go unspoken. In each episode, we fearlessly dissect self-doubt, resilience, impostor syndrome, and paralyzing perfectionism. Patrick Casale is an Autistic ADHD licensed clinical mental health therapist, group practice owner, coach, consultant, speaker, retreat host, and entrepreneur. He interviews industry experts to share their stories of resilience, and to offer "how-tos" to help support their entrepreneurial journeys. There is no sugar-coating here. This is where we get down and dirty, exposing the messy reality that comes with building your own mental health private practices. Hosted in an interview-style format, we bring you authentic conversations with entrepreneurs who have wrestled with their challenges and emerged victorious. We delve into their stories of triumph, failure, and everything in between. Prepare yourself for unfiltered tales of blood, sweat, and tears, as our guests share their journeys of self-discovery and growth. It's time to strip away the glossy facade and embrace the rawness that lies beneath the surface. We challenge societal norms, smash through glass ceilings, and unapologetically question the status quo. Brace yourself for a podcast that isn't afraid to confront the messy reality head-on. Tune in every Saturday as we release new episodes, igniting your entrepreneurial fire and propelling you forward on your private practice odyssey. This is the All Things Private Practice Podcast, where authenticity meets audacity, and the road to success is paved with resilience.