Batman: The Audio Adventures

A podcast by Max

22 Episodes

  1. S2 E10 - "Our Feature Presentation"

    Published: 12/23/2022
  2. S2 E9 - "H.A.H.A.H.A."

    Published: 12/21/2022
  3. S2 E8 - "A Hero and a Fool"

    Published: 12/19/2022
  4. S2 E7 - "Harm…ony?"

    Published: 12/16/2022
  5. S2 E6 - "A Lousy Hand"

    Published: 12/14/2022
  6. S2 E5 - "The Senior Partner"

    Published: 12/12/2022
  7. S2 E4 - "Stabberscotch"

    Published: 12/9/2022
  8. S2 E3 - "Scarecrow Wants Brains"

    Published: 12/7/2022
  9. S2 E2 - "New Management"

    Published: 12/5/2022
  10. S2 E1 - "A Taste of Gotham"

    Published: 12/4/2022
  11. Batman: The Audio Adventures Season 2 Trailer

    Published: 9/14/2022
  12. S1 E10 - "Dark Purple Dawn"

    Published: 8/27/2022
  13. S1 E9 - "Your Old Uncle Blabbo"

    Published: 8/26/2022
  14. S1 E8 - "Iceberg Dead Ahead"

    Published: 8/25/2022
  15. S1 E7 - "Spot the Crook"

    Published: 8/24/2022
  16. S1 E6 - "The Whale of Damocles"

    Published: 8/23/2022
  17. S1 E5 - "My Medium Is Crime"

    Published: 8/22/2022
  18. S1 E4 - "Daisy, Daisy… I'm Half Crazy"

    Published: 8/21/2022
  19. S1 E3 - "Forged Without a Smith"

    Published: 8/20/2022
  20. S1 E2 - "The Skylight in the Nursery"

    Published: 8/19/2022

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In partnership with Warner Bros. and DC, this scripted audio original, Gotham City comes to lurid life in the theater of your mind…with a sensational pageant of technicolor villainy unlike any other on Earth. Mafioso Penguins. Thieving Catwomen. Terrorist Riddlers. Killing Jokers…a city where some problems can only be solved by a billionaire in a bat costume. Starring Jeffrey Wright as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Catwoman, John Leguizamo as the Riddler, and a who’s who of incredible “Saturday Night Live” alums, the series draws inspiration from the vintage noir atmosphere of the celebrated “Batman: The Animated Series,” the spirited fun of the classic 1960s “Batman”TV series, and the entire 80-plus year history of the BATMAN franchise. This rollicking, over the top Batman adventure is written and directed by Emmy®-winner Dennis McNicholas, features an A-List cast, and devilishly delightful original music.