Beyond Aesthetics

A podcast by The Fountain Institute


9 Episodes

  1. Art and Education in Design Part 2

    Published: 5/10/2021
  2. Art and Education in Design Part 1

    Published: 4/30/2021
  3. Design Makes Futures

    Published: 4/13/2021
  4. Building a UX Research Practice

    Published: 1/25/2021
  5. Building Resilience in Your Design Career

    Published: 12/29/2020
  6. Prototyping with Notion

    Published: 9/24/2020
  7. Generalist vs. Specialist

    Published: 9/1/2020
  8. Path to Creative Founder Part 2

    Published: 8/13/2020
  9. Path to Creative Founder Part 1

    Published: 7/27/2020

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Welcome to Beyond Aesthetics, a podcast about art and design from The Fountain Institute. In this podcast, we explore how to think like an artist AND how to think like a designer. Our hope here is to encourage and support creative people in their career paths.