Court in the Act

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32 Episodes

  1. Sniper's extraordinary court appearance

    Published: 5/10/2024
  2. Why Donald Trump will NEVER go to jail

    Published: 5/3/2024
  3. Attack on free speech? Govt. vs Elon Musk

    Published: 4/26/2024
  4. 16yo death in custody: tragic Cleveland Dodd

    Published: 4/5/2024
  5. Travis Barnard’s SUPER betrayal

    Published: 3/28/2024
  6. Edhouse: Father & son bonded by blood

    Published: 3/22/2024
  7. Death in paradise: 12yo, pilot killed in Broome chopper tragedy

    Published: 3/15/2024
  8. Joe Versace: A bikie-related shooting?

    Published: 3/8/2024
  9. NSW murders: Jesse Baird and Luke Davies

    Published: 2/28/2024
  10. Julian Assange: hero or villain? with Peter Greste

    Published: 2/23/2024
  11. Inside Lisa Wilkson vs Network 10

    Published: 2/23/2024
  12. Lawyer X The Biggest Snitch: Tony Mokbel & Nicola Gobbo

    Published: 2/16/2024
  13. Bikie shot & Don Hancock bombed: Ora Banda with Ben Harvey

    Published: 2/8/2024
  14. Good cop, BAD cop: Roger Rogerson story

    Published: 2/1/2024
  15. Lloyd Rayney, Part 2: The fallout & other theories

    Published: 1/24/2024
  16. Lloyd Rayney, Part 1: The trial

    Published: 1/19/2024
  17. Tinder stalker Adam Rybicki/Tom Lewandowski- with Sarah Steger

    Published: 12/21/2023
  18. Bruce Lehrmann trial: Lisa Wilkinson takes the stand

    Published: 12/15/2023
  19. WA’s most dangerous man - Stewart Gorham

    Published: 12/8/2023
  20. Mum and daughter: killed, dumped in shark & croc infested waters

    Published: 12/1/2023

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Do you live and breathe true crime? Want the inside story? All the juicy details? You’re in luck. Court in the Act with Tim Clarke goes inside the courtroom with an in-depth look at the cases happening right now. Join Clarke and Australia’s leading legal minds for all the twists and turns of the nation’s most interesting cases.