Crazy Stupid Fangirls

A podcast by Elle Mills and Ramble


32 Episodes

  1. Crazy Stupid Fangirls Presents: A Crazy Stupid Halloween Special

    Published: 10/27/2021
  2. The Cat in the Hat's Spencer Breslin on Working With His Sister Abigail Breslin

    Published: 10/20/2021
  3. When Did You Go Through Your Emo Phase? ft. Carly + Erin

    Published: 10/13/2021
  4. Roasting Your Birth Charts (ft. Elle’s Brother Jay)

    Published: 10/6/2021
  5. Are We There Yet’s Philip Bolden on Shooting with His Role Model Kobe Bryant

    Published: 9/29/2021
  6. How Bethany Mota Paved the Way for the YouTube Community

    Published: 9/22/2021
  7. We Most Likely Talk Sh*t About Your Zodiac in This Episode

    Published: 9/15/2021
  8. The So Random Cast on How Disney Treats Their Stars Behind Closed Doors

    Published: 9/8/2021
  9. What You Didn’t Know About Esteban + Ashley Tisdale’s Relationship (ft. The Suite Life’s Adrian R’Mante)

    Published: 9/1/2021
  10. How Mean Girls Was REALLY Supposed to End With Daniel Franzese (aka Damian)

    Published: 8/25/2021
  11. High School Musical's Bart Johnson on How Blake Lively Helped Him Fall in Love

    Published: 8/18/2021
  12. How to Be Thirty, Flirty + Thriving With 13 Going on 30’s Christa Allen

    Published: 8/11/2021
  13. David Archuleta on Coming Out + Being Religious

    Published: 8/4/2021
  14. Being a Disney Channel Star in the Early 2000s With Lizzie McGuire’s Jake Thomas

    Published: 7/28/2021
  15. Elle Mills on No Longer Identifying as Bisexual (ft. Amy Ordman + Cammie Scott)

    Published: 7/21/2021
  16. Growing Up a Child Reality Star With Dance Mom's Chloé Lukasiak

    Published: 7/14/2021
  17. Crazy Stupid Fangirls Presents Yeah No, I'm Not Ok - Eric Andre Wants You to Take Care of Yourself, Silly

    Published: 7/12/2021
  18. Reminiscing on Old Disney Drama With Pretty Basic's Remi + Alisha

    Published: 7/7/2021
  19. How Matt King and Selena Gomez Almost Fell in Love

    Published: 6/30/2021
  20. What’s the Craziest LA Gossip You’ve Ever Heard? with Luke Korns + Mikey Murphy

    Published: 6/23/2021

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A podcast where we dive into pop culture from all angles and from all decades. Fangirl weekly with pals Elle Mills + Michelle Platti and feel the nostalgia come back to you through their sleepover-esque banter. Listen as they chat about their crazy fangirl stories, debate on pop culture topics, discuss current pop culture events, and chat with some exciting guests from the industry.