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7 Episodes

  1. Israel Keyes Part 5: Eleven Skulls

    Published: 7/16/2024
  2. Israel Keyes Part 4: You Got Your Monster

    Published: 7/9/2024
  3. Israel Keyes Part 3: Through the Window, Into the Night

    Published: 7/2/2024
  4. Israel Keyes Part 2: No One Knows Me

    Published: 6/25/2024
  5. Israel Keyes Part 1: A Shark Beneath the Water

    Published: 6/25/2024
  6. DEVIANT: What You'll Hear

    Published: 6/18/2024
  7. Welcome to DEVIANT

    Published: 5/30/2024

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From the award-winning creators of Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders, comes DEVIANT, a new true crime series that dives into the dark corners of what human beings are capable of. Hosts Dan Szematowicz and Andrew Iden tell good stories about bad people who do very bad things.  Some people are wired for good. Some are wired for bad. And some are wired... to be Deviant.  Follow the show wherever you listen and across socials @deviant.podcast (IG, TT, YT)