Fail Better with David Duchovny

A podcast by Lemonada Media


7 Episodes

  1. Sarah Silverman and the Stupid, Shitty Things You’ve Done

    Published: 5/28/2024
  2. Brad Gilbert and the Problem with Perfection

    Published: 5/21/2024
  3. Gabor Maté and the Reason We’re All Addicted

    Published: 5/14/2024
  4. Bette Midler and the Meanest Man in Showbiz

    Published: 5/10/2024
  5. EXCLUSIVE PEEK: Reflections on Bette Midler

    Published: 5/8/2024
  6. Ben Stiller and the Curse of the Sequel

    Published: 5/7/2024
  7. Coming Soon… Fail Better with David Duchovny (Official Trailer)

    Published: 4/16/2024

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Why am I making a podcast? The best answer I can come up with is that I feel like I’ve been failing my entire life, so I can speak from plenty of experience. Sure, I was on The X Files and Californication, I wrote some books and made some music. But I also got a literal F in The New York Times. I had a high-profile divorce and a magical mystery tour through rehab. So now I want to get into the way that failure looms over all of us and really shapes who we are. What’s good about that, what’s bad about that, what’s holding us back in shame? Lots to unpack here. So join me and some cool guests from sports, tv, politics, business and beyond starting May 7, wherever you get your podcasts – and we’ll get into it.