House Sitting Travel

A podcast by Sam Anthony and Veren Ferrera


15 Episodes

  1. 14: Season 1 Finale!

    Published: 6/29/2021
  2. 13: Hecktic Travels with Dalene Heck

    Published: 6/22/2021
  3. 12: The Dreaded Bad House Sit AKA Every House Sitter's Worst Fear

    Published: 6/15/2021
  4. 11: Let's Adventure More: House Sitting as a Family with Jess Swenson

    Published: 6/8/2021
  5. 10: Is TrustedHousesitters a Scam?

    Published: 6/1/2021
  6. 9: House Sitting Magazine with Vanessa Anderson and Ian Usher

    Published: 5/25/2021
  7. 8: Can I Trust House Sitters?

    Published: 5/18/2021
  8. 7: From Pro Pet Sitter to Nomadic House Sitter with Tricia Kandik

    Published: 5/11/2021
  9. 6: 10 Steps to Start House Sitting

    Published: 5/4/2021
  10. 5: This Job is Sh*t with Ryan Patey

    Published: 4/27/2021
  11. 4: Common House Sitting Misconceptions

    Published: 4/20/2021
  12. 3: Sights Better Seen with Kelsey Frey

    Published: 4/13/2021
  13. 2: House Sitting in 2021 and Beyond

    Published: 4/6/2021
  14. 1: Our House Sitting Story

    Published: 3/30/2021
  15. House Sitting Travel Trailer

    Published: 3/24/2021

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House Sitting Travel is the first podcast on the topic of house sitting to travel the world. In this method of house sitting, house sitters provide pet and home care in exchange for accommodation. Neither house sitter nor pet owner pays for this exchange - it's a win-win for both sides! Hosts Sam and Veren of Alternative Travelers bring the house sitting community together in podcast form for the first time, featuring inspiring interviews with globe trotting house sitters as well as tips, advice, and stories to help you live your dream life through house sitting.