How to Keep Time

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38 Episodes

  1. Can We Keep Time?

    Published: 1/15/2024
  2. Time Tips From the Universe

    Published: 1/8/2024
  3. How to Rest

    Published: 1/1/2024
  4. How to Leave Work Time at Work

    Published: 12/18/2023
  5. How to Look Busy

    Published: 12/11/2023
  6. How to Waste Time

    Published: 12/4/2023
  7. Introducing: How to Keep Time

    Published: 11/6/2023
  8. ‘Everyone Used to be Nicer,’ And Other Persistent Myths

    Published: 7/27/2023
  9. How to Not Go It Alone

    Published: 6/26/2023
  10. How to Know Your Neighbors

    Published: 6/19/2023
  11. What Makes a House a Home

    Published: 6/12/2023
  12. What do we owe our friends?

    Published: 6/5/2023
  13. The Infrastructure of Community

    Published: 5/29/2023
  14. How to Make Small Talk

    Published: 5/22/2023
  15. Trailer: How to Talk to People

    Published: 5/15/2023
  16. Introducing Holy Week

    Published: 3/13/2023
  17. A New Formula for Happiness

    Published: 11/14/2022
  18. How To Build a Happy Life: The Right Choices in Parenting

    Published: 11/7/2022
  19. How To Build a Happy Life: Subtraction as a Solution

    Published: 10/31/2022
  20. How To Build a Happy Life: Spend Time on What You Value

    Published: 10/24/2022

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On this season of How to Keep Time, co-hosts Becca Rashid and Ian Bogost explore our relationship with time and how to reclaim it. Why is it so important to be productive? Why can it feel like there’s never enough time in a day? Why are so many of us conditioned to believe that being more productive makes us better people? Produced by Becca Rashid. Co-hosted by Becca Rashid and Ian Bogost. Editing by Jocelyn Frank. Fact-check by Ena Alvarado. Engineering by Rob Smerciak. The executive producer of Audio is Claudine Ebeid; the managing editor of Audio is Andrea Valdez. Write to us at [email protected].