I Can Fix That

A podcast by Red Van Buskirk


5 Episodes

  1. S1:E5 –Telltale Games

    Published: 7/19/2020
  2. S1:E4 –Star Wars

    Published: 6/26/2020
  3. S1E3 - Game of Thrones

    Published: 5/29/2020
  4. Harry Potter

    Published: 4/14/2020
  5. Danny Phantom

    Published: 4/14/2020

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We here at I Can Fix That are committed to three principles. One, all media, no matter how good or bad, can be improved. Two, all media can be improved by making it more gay. Three, we are the only ones who can fix it. Every other week we critique and re-imagine a different property and fix it so you can finally enjoy something for once.