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  1. Listen Now: Happily Never After: Dan & Nancy

    Published: 6/24/2024
  2. Listen Now: Wow in the World's Summer of Wow!

    Published: 6/10/2024
  3. Listen Now: The Competition

    Published: 4/29/2024
  4. Listen Now: How I Built…Liquid Death

    Published: 4/8/2024
  5. Where to find Episodes 2-7 of Inside Exercist

    Published: 2/1/2024
  6. Listen Now: Dr. Death: Bad Magic

    Published: 1/22/2024
  7. Listen Now: Even the Royals

    Published: 1/8/2024
  8. Listen Now: 'Tis The Grinch Holiday Talk Show

    Published: 11/27/2023
  9. “48 Hours” Presents: My Life of Crime | Twisted Twins: Who Killed Heather DeWild?

    Published: 11/13/2023
  10. Listen Now: Ghost Story

    Published: 10/23/2023
  11. Listen Now: Hooked on Freddie

    Published: 9/18/2023
  12. Listen Now – The Big Flop

    Published: 9/4/2023
  13. Listen Now – Over My Dead Body: Gone Hunting

    Published: 8/21/2023
  14. Listen Now - Think Twice: Michael Jackson

    Published: 7/31/2023
  15. Listen Now: Suspect "Five Shots in the Dark"

    Published: 7/17/2023
  16. Introducing: The Generation Why

    Published: 7/3/2023
  17. Listen Now: Spellcaster: The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried

    Published: 6/5/2023
  18. Wondery Presents - Flipping The Bird: Elon vs Twitter

    Published: 5/1/2023
  19. Introducing Foretold: Can a fortuneteller change her future?

    Published: 4/11/2023

    Published: 3/13/2023

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In 1973 Hell came home and invaded the body of a young girl. This is the story of a movie and its makers. It's a tale of dark and light, of loss and love. A story of faith and fury, of causes and curses, of horrors real and imagined, of unbridled ego and brute force filmmaking. It's the movie critics called "religious pornography" and "occultist claptrap." The movie that left audiences...hysterical. Decades later, it remains perhaps the most frightening movie we will ever see. From Wondery, this is a seven-part deep dive inspired by the story behind an unforgettable, classic movie. This is...Inside The Exorcist.Binge all episodes of Inside The Exorcist exclusively and ad-free by joining Wondery+ in Wondery App, Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Start your free trial by visiting now.