It's A Practice!

A podcast by The PappyShow


9 Episodes

  1. S1 Ep 8: Bea Holland and Shaz Mohayudin

    Published: 7/14/2021
  2. S1 Ep 7: Lev Taylor and Hayley Konadu

    Published: 7/7/2021
  3. S1 Ep 6: Stella Odunlami and Jim Caesar

    Published: 6/30/2021
  4. S1 Ep 5: Ayla Estreich and Marc Benga

    Published: 6/23/2021
  5. S1 Ep 4: Tom Ross Williams and Bianca Stephens

    Published: 6/16/2021
  6. S1 Ep 3: Elliot Stewart and Kamran Vahabi

    Published: 6/9/2021
  7. S1 Ep 2: Delma Walsh and Conor Glean

    Published: 6/2/2021
  8. S1 Ep 1: Kane Husbands and Kwami Odoom

    Published: 5/26/2021
  9. It's A Practice! Trailer

    Published: 5/20/2021

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It’s a Practice! is your new favourite podcast from The PappyShow. We chat to people of all professions- whether they be our best friends, or people that we admire- to gain some insight into their practice, what connects us and how we can learn from our mistakes and each other. Like, subscribe and join us through the stories, the silliness and the laughter! Hosted by Rachel-Leah Hosker, Sound by Roly Botha, Music by Jim Caesar, Photography by Cesar Mota, Graphics by Helena Bonner, Produced by The PappyShow.