It’s OK That You’re Not OK with Megan Devine

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  1. Tembi Locke: From Scratch

    Published: 2/5/2024
  2. Why Do We Celebrate Trauma (aka: resilience)? with Dr. Gabor Maté

    Published: 1/29/2024
  3. Collective Grief and Communal Joy: with Baratunde Thurston

    Published: 1/22/2024
  4. The Full Experience: Fitness, Love, Death & Community with Supernatural Coach, Leanne Pedante

    Published: 1/15/2024
  5. Holiday Debrief: Ghosting Therapists, New Year’s Breakups, and Holiday Angels

    Published: 1/8/2024
  6. New Year’s Resolutions vs “aggressive futurism” with Kate Bowler - Part 2

    Published: 1/1/2024
  7. New Year, Same Grief (and the Math of Suffering) with Kate Bowler - Part 1

    Published: 12/25/2023
  8. A Christmas Eve Tradition

    Published: 12/23/2023
  9. Your Holiday Survival Guide: Family Dynamics Edition

    Published: 12/18/2023
  10. adrienne maree brown: Can We Give Ourselves Permission to Be Free?

    Published: 12/11/2023
  11. Living with Chronic Illness: A Conversation For Everyone with a Body, with Sarah Ramey

    Published: 12/4/2023
  12. What Happens to Childhood Grief When You Grow Up? with Allyson Dinneen

    Published: 11/27/2023
  13. Gun Violence, Graphic Imagery & The Washington Post; with Nelba Márquez-Greene

    Published: 11/22/2023
  14. Sometimes Loss Is Freedom: A Conversation with Rebecca Woolf

    Published: 11/20/2023
  15. Is It Time to Retire the Stages of Grief? (Spoiler: Yes)

    Published: 11/13/2023
  16. Can We Make This Place Beautiful? with Maggie Smith

    Published: 11/6/2023
  17. Wonder In an Age of Violence: Valarie Kaur & See No Stranger

    Published: 10/30/2023
  18. The Old Gays Talk Life, Joy, and the Missing Generation of Gay Elders

    Published: 10/23/2023
  19. A Place Called Home: A Conversation with Child Welfare Advocate, David Ambroz

    Published: 10/16/2023
  20. Overachieving As a Cry For Help: with Laurel Braitman

    Published: 10/9/2023

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Life is full of difficult things, from tiny everyday disappointments to life-altering events. Everyone’s at least a little bit Not OK, something grief expert and psychotherapist Megan Devine knows from the inside out. In wide ranging, insightful, deep conversations, Megan talks with people about their often invisible losses - and what they’ve learned about being seen and supported in difficult times.  With guests pulled from the front lines of entertainment, medicine, education, and activism, the conversations in It’s OK that You’re Not OK are funny, complex, emotional, and hopeful - maybe not your typical dinner party topics, but none of us are entirely OK, and it’s time we start talking about that. New episodes each and every Monday, from the author of the best-selling book, It’s OK That You’re Not OK, and iHeartMedia. Find Megan online at @refugeingrief & follow the show @ItsOKPod