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  1. Best of Season 1

    Published: 2/12/2024
  2. Tania Branigan, author of "Red Memory"

    Published: 2/5/2024
  3. Lauren Collins, author of "When in French"

    Published: 1/29/2024
  4. Violaine Huisman, author of "The Book of Mother"

    Published: 1/22/2024
  5. Kate Slotover of The Book Club Review podcast

    Published: 1/20/2024
  6. My top books of 2023

    Published: 1/7/2024
  7. Nandini Das, author of "Courting India" & Winner of British Academy Prize

    Published: 12/18/2023
  8. Lauren Easum, founder of Ex-Libris

    Published: 12/11/2023
  9. Blindboy Boatclub, author of “Topographia Hibernica”

    Published: 12/6/2023
  10. Irene Vallejo, author of "Papyrus"

    Published: 11/27/2023
  11. Farah Nayeri, author of "Takedown"

    Published: 11/20/2023
  12. Tom Williams, film producer

    Published: 11/13/2023
  13. Shrayana Bhattacharya, author of "Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh"

    Published: 11/6/2023
  14. Avery Carpenter, author of "Social Engagement"

    Published: 10/30/2023
  15. Matthew Roby, professor on Icelandic sagas

    Published: 10/23/2023
  16. Rose Cleary, author of "How To Be a French Girl"

    Published: 10/16/2023
  17. Chloe Aridjis, author of "Asunder"

    Published: 10/9/2023
  18. Charles Glass, author of "Soldiers Don't Go Mad"

    Published: 10/2/2023
  19. Yascha Mounk, author of "The Identity Trap"

    Published: 9/25/2023
  20. Chuck Marohn, host of "The Strong Towns" podcast

    Published: 9/18/2023

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Welcome to Lit with Charles, a podcast on all things literary, where I interview people who've either written books or have interesting things to say about them. If you're like me, then you love reading, but maybe you're not sure what you should be reading. Or perhaps you feel intimidated by conversations around books. The main aim of this podcast is to make literature exciting and accessible and hopefully will help you discover new books and authors that are off the beaten track. Follow me on @litwithcharles for books reviews and recommendations.