Love Roots

A podcast by Samia Ali


4 Episodes

  1. Episode 2: Three Peas & A Prayer

    Published: 4/13/2024
  2. After Episode Digest: Love, Health, and Everything in Between

    Published: 3/25/2024
  3. Episode 1: Love, Health, and Everything in Between

    Published: 3/11/2024
  4. Introduction & Welcome to Love Roots

    Published: 3/7/2024

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"Love Roots" is a captivating podcast delving into the complex nature of love and its myriad of manifestations in our lives. From cultural traditions to religious beliefs, from personal relationships to community bonds, each episode unfolds as a compelling story, showcasing diverse journeys through the realm of love. Listeners are invited to explore the depths of human connection, understanding how love weaves its way through every aspect of existence. With each episode, "Love Roots" aims to highlight the profound impact of love  both individually and societally -- fostering empathy and connection in a world often defined by its lack of.