Manchester Arena Bomb: Stories of Hope

A podcast by BBC Sounds


5 Episodes

  1. Donkey Therapy

    Published: 5/18/2021
  2. Stronger than before

    Published: 5/18/2021
  3. Beyond the door

    Published: 5/18/2021
  4. Faith in recovery

    Published: 5/18/2021
  5. Introducing Manchester Arena Bomb: Stories of Hope

    Published: 5/14/2021

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Katie Thistleton finds courage, hope and healing as fans, families and those affected by the atrocity rebuild their future.With new friendships being forged as people reach out to one another and stories of good Samaritans, fund-raising adventures, and the comfort of faith, love and being in nature.There are eye witness details including recordings from that night and frank conversations about mental health, depression, post-traumatic stress, physical injury and bereavement. If you or anyone close to you has been affected by anything you’ve heard then there is information and support available on NHS Greater Manchester Resilience Hub is available to support anyone directly affected by the the Manchester Arena Attack. From telephone and email support through to organising psychological therapy and mental health treatment where needed.Originally broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester.Producers: Sara Dumbell, Andy Bell, Kate Squire.Editors: Andy Bell, Liam Bradford.Online producer: Rachael Smith.Executive Producer: Kathryn Morrison.