A podcast by BBC Sounds

10 Episodes

  1. 9. The Absent Smile: Chapter Three

    Published: 3/24/2020
  2. 8. The Absent Smile: Chapter Two

    Published: 3/17/2020
  3. 7. The Absent Smile: Chapter One

    Published: 3/10/2020
  4. 6. Blood Lines: Chapter Three

    Published: 3/3/2020
  5. 5. Blood Lines: Chapter Two

    Published: 2/25/2020
  6. 4. Blood Lines: Chapter One

    Published: 2/18/2020
  7. 3. The Burning Man: Chapter Three

    Published: 2/11/2020
  8. 2. The Burning Man: Chapter Two

    Published: 2/10/2020
  9. 1. The Burning Man: Chapter One

    Published: 2/9/2020
  10. 0. Enter the mortuary

    Published: 2/4/2020

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A curious mortician. Determined forensic scientists. And one suspicious death.Welcome to Carla Valentine’s mortuary. A chilled, white, windowless room, where you cross the threshold into the world of the dead. From the first cut, to the final stitch, Carla examines how each body got to her slab. But it’s forensic science that joins the dots, as we venture to the scene of the crime and join the scientists on the frontline.Each case, told over three episodes, tells the story of one body, through the sciences you may have never heard in detail before.The victim is fictional. But the science is real. Based on true crime investigations. A Whistledown production for BBC Sounds.