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  1. D&D Court: Elk Dockers, PC Meatshields and The TPK Extraordinaire

    Published: 3/29/2024
  2. C3 Ep. 56: Diviner (The Ice Knife Saga)

    Published: 3/22/2024
  3. Super Mario Adventure Book: Pipe Down! (w/ Adam Conover)

    Published: 3/15/2024
  4. C3 Ep. 55: Big Brother (The Ice Knife Saga)

    Published: 3/8/2024
  5. D&D Court: Pre-Cog Milk Bath (w/ Rekha Shankar)

    Published: 3/1/2024
  6. C3 Ep. 54: The Family Secret (The Ice Knife Saga)

    Published: 2/23/2024
  7. Adventure Book Theatre: Light on Quests Mountain (An ENDLESS QUEST Book)

    Published: 2/16/2024
  8. C3 Ep. 53: Warm Welcome (The Ice Knife Saga)

    Published: 2/9/2024
  9. D&D Court: Tiny L's, Cursed Bran, and The Dinosaur-Free Jurassic Park

    Published: 2/2/2024
  10. C3 Ep. 52: Avatar of Alexandrite (The Ice Knife Saga)

    Published: 1/26/2024
  11. Adventure Book Theatre: Olaf's Frooze Your Own Adventure (Caldwell's Frozen Fan Fic)

    Published: 1/18/2024
  12. C3 Ep. 51: First Hearth (The Ice Knife Saga)

    Published: 1/12/2024
  13. D&D Court: Invisible T-Rexes, Potion Cocktails, and A Visit to Swords R' Us

    Published: 1/5/2024
  14. Twilight Sanctorum - Ep. 4: Masquerade

    Published: 12/30/2023
  15. Twilight Sanctorum - Ep 3: Living in Harmony

    Published: 12/27/2023
  16. Twilight Sanctorum - Ep. 2: Ghoul-Marked

    Published: 12/21/2023
  17. Twilight Sanctorum - Ep. 1: The Family Business

    Published: 12/19/2023
  18. C3 Ep. 50: Beast Master (The Undersea Interlude)

    Published: 12/15/2023
  19. D&D Court: Sneaky Snowmen, Horny Dogs, and The PC vs The People’s Champion

    Published: 12/8/2023
  20. C3 Ep. 49: Toybox (The Undersea Interlude)

    Published: 12/1/2023

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Welcome to NADDPOD! Join Dungeon Master Brian Murphy as he leads players Emily Axford, Caldwell Tanner and Jake Hurwitz on a comedic, actual-play adventure through the realms of Bahumia and Beyond. The show also features a score composed and performed by Emily Axford.This team has created a variety of D&D campaigns, as well as numerous other series such as DUNGEON COURT and 8-BIT BOOK CLUB. They also occasionally hit the road and roll dice live on stage.