Off The Charts Business Podcast with Nathalie Lussier

A podcast by Nathalie Lussier: Online Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Digital Visionary - Wednesdays


70 Episodes

  1. Unapologetically You: Creating an Authentic Personal Brand with Lethia Owens

    Published: 10/25/2023
  2. The Key to Automating Your Business with ActiveCampaign Specialist Kay Peacey

    Published: 10/18/2023
  3. Becca Tracey: How To Build Your Business Without Social Media

    Published: 10/11/2023
  4. Turning Rejections into Opportunities: Alice Draper’s Story of Personal Growth and Business Success

    Published: 10/4/2023
  5. Exploring Bridge Jobs and Portfolio Careers: Insights from Lara Dalch

    Published: 9/27/2023
  6. From Chaos to Clarity: How Dana Malstaff Built a Successful Community-Based Membership

    Published: 9/20/2023
  7. From Membership to High-Ticket: Switching Models for Decreased Support and Increased Revenue with Marc Wayshak

    Published: 8/23/2023
  8. Finding Your Own Way: Breaking Free from Societal Prescriptions

    Published: 8/16/2023
  9. Anti Hustle AF: How To Allow Your Intellectual Property to Create Time Freedom in Your Business with LaChelle Barnett

    Published: 8/9/2023
  10. The Power of “Enough”: Cultivating Abundance in Both Money and Time

    Published: 8/2/2023
  11. How to Make Consistent Course Sales with Email with Tarzan Kay

    Published: 6/28/2023
  12. What’s a Good Way to Spend a Life? Plus Why I Moved to a Farm

    Published: 6/21/2023
  13. One Trick to Increase The Profitability of Your Membership Site with Matt Inglot

    Published: 6/14/2023
  14. Rewarding Failure & Why Women Don’t Brag

    Published: 6/7/2023
  15. Stop Bottlenecking – How to Sustainably Scale with Breanne Dyck

    Published: 5/31/2023
  16. Thinking of Getting Into SaaS? The Differences Between Coaching and SaaS Businesses

    Published: 5/24/2023
  17. Create Time for Your Creativity with a Dual Career with Melissa Cassera

    Published: 5/17/2023
  18. 15 Years of Evolution in the Digital Business Space

    Published: 5/10/2023
  19. How to Leverage Your Online Courses Into Steady $20K+ Months with Kim Garst

    Published: 5/3/2023
  20. Making a Business Comeback with Nathalie Lussier

    Published: 4/26/2023

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Business strategist and digital visionary Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur who inspires you to re-imagine what’s possible in your business with each episode of the Off The Charts Business Podcast. Nathalie’s topics range from tech tools to grow your business and book reviews that you take action on in both your personal life and your company. She shares her experience running a multi-six figure business and the goal-setting, mindset, and productivity skills required to get there, and beyond. Each episode is a short focused burst on a relevant topic for women entrepreneurs and the men who love them. She gets honest about location independence, email list building and online marketing, how to launch digital products, website creation, business management, and her top recommended online business resources. Nathalie Lussier started making web sites when she was 12 years old, and graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and a job offer from Wall Street. In a gutsy move, she turned down this job to start her own business right out of college. Today, Nathalie helps thousands of people all over the world use digital strategy to match their ambition, and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Venture Beat, Mashable, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Under 30 CEO.