Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra

A podcast by Rachel Maddow, MSNBC - Mondays


21 Episodes

  1. Episode 5: Coming Home

    Published: 7/15/2024
  2. Episode 4: Spectacle

    Published: 7/8/2024
  3. Bonus Episode: Rachel Maddow in Conversation with Tony Kushner

    Published: 7/1/2024
  4. Episode 3: Malmedy

    Published: 6/24/2024
  5. Episode 2: The Mole

    Published: 6/17/2024
  6. Episode 1: Dr. Hunt

    Published: 6/10/2024
  7. Introducing Season Two of Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra

    Published: 6/3/2024
  8. Special Preview: Rachel Maddow Presents: Déjà News

    Published: 6/6/2023
  9. Bonus: Prosecuting Donald Trump

    Published: 4/6/2023
  10. Introducing Letters from Sing Sing

    Published: 2/13/2023
  11. Special preview: Trymaine Lee on 50 years of hip-hop

    Published: 2/9/2023
  12. Episode 8: Ultra Vires

    Published: 11/21/2022
  13. Episode 7: Rinse, Repeat

    Published: 11/14/2022
  14. Episode 6: Bedlam

    Published: 11/7/2022
  15. Special Preview: “The Revolution with Steve Kornacki”

    Published: 10/31/2022
  16. Episode 5: Shut It Down

    Published: 10/31/2022
  17. Episode 4: A Bad Angle

    Published: 10/24/2022
  18. Episode 3: The Day

    Published: 10/17/2022
  19. Episode 2: The Brooklyn Boys

    Published: 10/10/2022
  20. Episode 1: Trip 19

    Published: 10/10/2022

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As a new authoritarian movement rises in American politics, stoked by one of the country’s most outrageous demagogues, there is an all-out international manhunt for an American traitor. The U.S. Army’s Nazi war crimes trials in Germany have been infiltrated by a spy -- a mole for the other side. A gruesome foreign influence operation unfolds in Washington. A blackmail plot turns deadly in the U.S. Senate. A Hail Mary scheme to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes rattles democracy’s cage. With the line between the violent ultra-right and mainstream American politics fraying beyond recognition, with the FBI always one step behind their quarry, Americans of all stripes step up to confront a seemingly unstoppable, ascendant, anti-democratic force. Join Rachel Maddow for Episode One, launching June 10, 2024, and follow now. You can also subscribe to MSNBC Premium on Apple Podcasts for early access to every episode the Friday before it drops, and ad-free listening to all episodes in Ultra seasons one and two.