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  1. Chrissy, Royals, Bennifer

    Published: 6/30/2021
  2. In Which Heights, Exactly?

    Published: 6/18/2021
  3. Kathryn Hahn Has Been Here

    Published: 5/27/2021
  4. Truth or Dare is 30 - & Dirty?

    Published: 5/13/2021
  5. The Oh, No, Oscars Edition

    Published: 4/29/2021
  6. Amanda Gorman & the Pressures Of Perfection

    Published: 4/15/2021
  7. Anti-Asian Racism in Hollywood and the Almost Gossip Girl

    Published: 3/25/2021
  8. Harry & Meghan Ace Oprah's MasterClass

    Published: 3/9/2021
  9. Buffy + Britney + 'Boys'

    Published: 2/18/2021
  10. On Passing and Perceived Hotness

    Published: 2/4/2021
  11. Is It Awkwafina vs Nora?

    Published: 1/21/2021
  12. In Bed With Bridgerton

    Published: 12/30/2020
  13. Tom Cruise pulls a Tom Cruise

    Published: 12/17/2020
  14. Mariah's Meaning and The Bloody Truth

    Published: 12/10/2020
  15. Cardi, Cazzie, and the Spaces of Celebrity

    Published: 11/26/2020
  16. Political Bodice-Rippers and the Ultimate Host

    Published: 11/12/2020
  17. Shonda Rhimes... and Borat's Crimes?

    Published: 10/29/2020
  18. (Oval) Office Loves and Breaking Kate

    Published: 10/15/2020
  19. Who Wants The New Hollywood Career?

    Published: 9/30/2020
  20. Sex and Dolly Parton's Secret Identity

    Published: 8/19/2020

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Duana and Lainey deep dive each week into work behind the gossip, the shows, the scripts, and the screenplays. From casting decisions to image management to the process of putting an idea onto the stage or the big screen, Show Your Work is a film or theatre geek's essential weekly listen. Tune in weekly and let us know your thoughts at @laineygossip and @duanaelise on Twitter. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.