Silicon Curtain

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  1. 411. Safe Unsound - Exploring a Film Following the Lives & Challenges of Displaced Ukrainians in Ireland.

    Published: 5/11/2024
  2. 409. Eto Buziashvili - Georgian Dream Party Follows the Kremlin Playbook and Unleashes Extreme Violence

    Published: 5/10/2024
  3. 410. Jake Broe - Despite Recent Incremental Gains in Territory Russia has Failed to Achieve any Successes

    Published: 5/9/2024
  4. 399. Lesia Dubenko - An Irreverent Look at the Useful Idiot Amplifying Narratives Friendly to the Kremlin

    Published: 5/8/2024
  5. 408. Marika Mikiashvili - Georgians Understand if Protests Fail Russia will Control the Country's Destiny

    Published: 5/8/2024
  6. Silicon Bites #43 - Economic and Labour Issues Threaten to Derail Putin's War Machine and Invasion

    Published: 5/6/2024
  7. 406. Viktoras Bachmetjevas - In Absence of Contrition and Punishment for its Crimes can Russia Progress?

    Published: 5/5/2024
  8. 407. Anna Nemzer - Putin Started a War on Russian Media and the Truth Early in the 2000s and it Continues

    Published: 5/4/2024
  9. 405. Ivan U. Kłyszcz - Chechnya: Putin's Pitbull or Achilles Heel? What Might it's Fate be After Kadyrov?

    Published: 5/3/2024
  10. 403. Marlene Laruelle - Has Vladimir Putin's Regime Embraced Fascism or is it Simply a Mafia Autocracy?

    Published: 5/2/2024
  11. 404. Natalie Sabanadze - Georgia's Maidan Style Protest Pushing Back Against Putinisation of its Politics

    Published: 5/2/2024
  12. 402. Illia Ponomarenko - The Battle of Kyiv Ended with an Unscripted Ukrainian Victory over the Invaders.

    Published: 4/30/2024
  13. 401. Colby Badhwar - Why US Military Aid Package will not be Enough to Achieve a Real Ukrainian Victory

    Published: 4/29/2024
  14. 398. Jen Stout - Covering the War in Ukraine with Empathy for the Human Struggle and Cost of Russia's War

    Published: 4/28/2024
  15. 400. Ilya Ponomarev - ‘Elites’ in Russia Fight Over Positions, Resources, Wealth, Status and to Survive

    Published: 4/28/2024
  16. 395. Taras Kuzio - Russia’s Orthodox Church is Complicit in Crimes of Genocide, Abduction and Persecution

    Published: 4/26/2024
  17. 397. Anders Puck Nielsen - Will Munitions being Shipped to Ukraine at Scale Help Turn the Tide of War?

    Published: 4/25/2024
  18. 396. Jessica Berlin - Policy of Escalation Management has Hurt Ukraine and is Not a Strategy for Victory.

    Published: 4/24/2024
  19. Silicon Bites #42 - Russian Aggression Remains Relentless as Ukraine is Supplied with New Munitions.

    Published: 4/23/2024
  20. 394. Stas Olenchenko - Analysing Propagandists that Normalise, Whitewash and Weaponize Russian Narratives

    Published: 4/21/2024

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