Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon

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36 Episodes

  1. Ask Kevin (Almost) Anything - Total Eclipse, Earth Day, and The Game That Started It All

    Published: 4/4/2024
  2. Stand Up To Cancer with Bobby Berk

    Published: 4/2/2024
  3. Changing The Cultural Context with Laverne Cox & ACLU

    Published: 3/26/2024
  4. Mind and Medicine with Deepak Chopra

    Published: 3/19/2024
  5. Ask Kevin (Almost) Anything! Reshoots, London Town and The Special Olympics

    Published: 3/14/2024
  6. Ending Gun Violence with Gavin Rossdale & Artist For Action

    Published: 3/12/2024
  7. From Church To The Pride Parade with Jamie Lee Curtis & Free Mom Hugs

    Published: 3/5/2024
  8. Common Ground with Ian Somerhalder & Good Neighbor Gardens

    Published: 2/27/2024
  9. Ask Kevin (Almost) Anything! Animal Therapy, Going Vegan, and the Importance of The Arts For Kids

    Published: 2/22/2024
  10. BE BOLD! with Misty Copeland & The Misty Copeland Foundation

    Published: 2/20/2024
  11. All About The Team with Eli Manning & The Jay Fund

    Published: 2/13/2024
  12. Ask Kevin (Almost) Anything! Pantry Pasta, Footloose 2, and the Creation of Camp Cole

    Published: 2/8/2024
  13. Never Say Kill with Amanda Seyfried and Best Friends Animal Society

    Published: 2/6/2024
  14. Laughter As Medicine with Seth & Lauren Rogen

    Published: 1/30/2024
  15. No Man Left Behind with Rob Lowe & The Wounded Warrior Project

    Published: 1/23/2024
  16. Open Hearts with Jane Seymour & the Open Hearts Foundation

    Published: 1/16/2024
  17. Wilmer Valderrama & the United Service Organizations

    Published: 1/9/2024
  18. Ask Kevin (Almost) Anything! The Legacy of Tremors, Going Down Under, and Sidewalk Angels

    Published: 1/4/2024
  19. A Simple Ask with Patton Oswalt and Alice's Kids

    Published: 1/2/2024
  20. Learning To Fail With Bear Grylls & BecomingX

    Published: 12/19/2023

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A singular star, everyone ( and we mean everyone! ) is connected to ...KEVIN BACON.  He has starred in some of the biggest films of the last 30 years – and after years of hearing his name used alongside ‘Six Degrees’ (the idea that everyone is separated by six people or less), Kevin decided to embrace it and turned the concept into a non-profit – - in 2007.  Now, in his new podcast “Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon,” he will use his fame to feature celebrity guests and highlight their favorite charitable organizations! Each episode will feature inspirational conversations with extraordinary changemakers and how they are making a difference in the world every single day. Get ready to lean in, learn and be inspired to act. Tune in Tuesdays for your weekly dose of #dogooders. The 'Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon' podcast. Dancing will NOT be banned.