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  1. Fallen Idols with Brad Creasser (S5EP5)

    Published: 4/22/2024
  2. The End with Ben Edlund (S5EP4)

    Published: 4/15/2024
  3. Anomalie: Wishing Well Featuring Todd Stashwick (Sample Episode)

    Published: 4/13/2024
  4. Free To Be You And Me with J. Miller Tobin (S5EP3)

    Published: 4/8/2024
  5. Good God, Y'all with Phil Sgriccia (S5EP2)

    Published: 4/1/2024
  6. Sympathy for the Devil with Misha Collins (S5EP1)

    Published: 3/25/2024
  7. Jump The Shart: Season 4 Podcast Finale

    Published: 3/4/2024
  8. Spotlight on Eric Kripke

    Published: 2/26/2024
  9. Anomalie: Tranquility Potion with Ruth Connell (Sample Episode)

    Published: 2/22/2024
  10. Lucifer Rising with Eric Kripke (S4EP22)

    Published: 2/19/2024
  11. When the Levee Breaks with Jerry Wanek, Plus Bob Singer Pops In (S4EP21)

    Published: 2/12/2024
  12. The Rapture With Todd Aronauer, Plus Misha Collins Pop-In (S4EP20)

    Published: 2/5/2024
  13. Jump The Shark with Jake Abel (S4EP19)

    Published: 1/29/2024
  14. Monster At The End of This Book with Mike Rohl (S4EP18)

    Published: 1/22/2024
  15. It's A Terrible Life with Kurt Fuller (S4EP17)

    Published: 1/15/2024
  16. On The Head of a Pin with Robert Wisdom (S4EP16)

    Published: 1/8/2024
  17. Death Takes a Holiday with Steve Boyum (S4EP15)

    Published: 1/1/2024
  18. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

    Published: 12/25/2023
  19. Sex and Violence with Patti Henderson (S4EP14)

    Published: 12/18/2023
  20. After School Special with Colin Ford (S4EP13)

    Published: 12/11/2023

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In 2005, Sam and Dean Winchester set off on a road trip that would save the world and change television. For fifteen seasons and three hundred and twenty-seven episodes, the CW’s Supernatural (created by Eric Kripke) took audiences on a wild ride of family, fate, and faith with a rocking soundtrack and a seriously cool car. But that was then and now … it’s time for another ride.Join hosts Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/God) and Richard Speight Jr (Gabriel and director of many episodes) for Supernatural: Then and Now, a winding road trip through every episode of this iconic series, one by one, every week, with guests each episode from the cast and crew that made the wild ride possible. Buckle up for guests including Jared Padalecki (Sam), Jensen Ackles (Dean), and Robert Singer (Executive producer), as well as many many more.Follow StoryMill Media on Instagram: Twitter: