The Aquarean

A podcast by Vanessa Bartlett


55 Episodes

  1. The History of Hellenistic Astrology

    Published: 11/15/2023
  2. Introduction To Astrology

    Published: 11/8/2023
  3. How do I get in touch with my intuition? What are some misconceptions about Astrology? What are some good Astrology resources?

    Published: 11/1/2023
  4. Announcing Season 2 of The Aquarean!

    Published: 10/25/2023
  5. "How to Read Tarot, Workbook for Beginners" | Is your critical mind sabotaging your intuition?

    Published: 10/7/2023
  6. How to Read for Love using Tarot Cards

    Published: 8/23/2023
  7. Why You Should Put Down the Tarot Books and How to Perform a General Tarot Reading

    Published: 8/9/2023
  8. Tarot and the Chakras with Polarity Therapist, Miriam Jacobs

    Published: 8/2/2023
  9. Why Most Tarot Spreads Don't Work with Barbara Moore

    Published: 7/26/2023
  10. A Kabbalistic Approach to Tarot with Mark Horn

    Published: 7/19/2023
  11. Tarot and the Enneagram with Hanna McElroy

    Published: 7/12/2023
  12. Crime Analyst, Tarot Reader, and Forensic Psychic, Brandy Rachelle

    Published: 7/5/2023
  13. July Tarot Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

    Published: 7/1/2023
  14. "Finding The Fool" with Meg Jones Wall

    Published: 6/28/2023
  15. A Scientific Look at Intuition and Tarot Symbolism with Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD

    Published: 6/21/2023
  16. Blending Tarot and Astrology with Jeff Hinshaw

    Published: 6/14/2023
  17. Using Tarot to Explore Your Higher Purpose with Megan Leatherman

    Published: 6/7/2023
  18. June Predictions & How to Trust your Intuition and Improve your Psychic Awareness

    Published: 6/1/2023
  19. Growing Up with a Romani Fortune Teller, a Candid Tarot Conversation with Gemma Gallucci

    Published: 5/31/2023
  20. Tarot as a tool for Personal Liberation with Corinna Rosella

    Published: 5/24/2023

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This podcast is dedicated to anything and everything magical. If you're curious to know more about the psychic arts and the unseen world, or if you're fully immersed in all things "woo woo" and witchy, this is a podcast you'll want to follow. The host, Vanessa, is a psychic and Tarot reader, budding astrologer, and an occult enthusiast. She wanted to create a show that would both inform and entertain those who enjoy mystical conversation. Season 1 is all about Tarot, so get out your decks and join in.