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  1. Usman Raiz director of The Glassworker

    Published: 7/12/2024
  2. Garfield with Pete Oswald

    Published: 6/28/2024
  3. The Rise of Glen Keane!

    Published: 6/14/2024
  4. Running a Worldwide Drawing Challenge

    Published: 5/31/2024
  5. Eric Goldberg (Flashback Friday)

    Published: 5/17/2024
  6. Victoria Ying (Flashback Friday)

    Published: 5/4/2024
  7. Flashback Friday: Disney Legend Floyd Norman

    Published: 4/19/2024
  8. AI with Niko Pueringer

    Published: 4/5/2024
  9. Mitchells VS the Machines (Flashback Fridays)

    Published: 3/22/2024
  10. Being an Animator (Flashback Friday)

    Published: 3/9/2024
  11. Surviving Animation with Meridian Gray Culpepper

    Published: 2/24/2024
  12. The Legacy and Future of Irish Animation

    Published: 2/9/2024
  13. The Bros answer your questions

    Published: 1/26/2024
  14. Mark Henn

    Published: 1/13/2024
  15. Olan Rogers

    Published: 12/30/2023
  16. "Wingfeather Saga" with Keith Lango (Head of CG Animation) and Garrett Taylor (Art Director)

    Published: 12/15/2023
  17. Disney’s Mulan 25th Anniversary LIVE  at Lightbox Expo 2023

    Published: 12/1/2023
  18. The BBros Save the Studio System! With guest John Schafer

    Published: 11/10/2023
  19. “Once Upon A Studio” directors Trent Correy and Dan Abraham

    Published: 10/27/2023
  20. Engage Your Career

    Published: 10/13/2023

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Twin animators Tom and Tony Bancroft get together and talk about their Disney Animation past, the present animation business, and the future of animation. Interviews with talented artists, inspirational words, and wild speculation will help you grow as a person - or not. Sponsored by - your destination for the art instruction you need. See for online animation, character design, illustration, comic arts, cartoon creation and more.