The Butterfly King

A podcast by Exactly Right Media – the original true crime comedy network - Thursdays

7 Episodes

  1. 6: An Inside Job

    Published: 4/18/2024
  2. 5: Caught Red Handed

    Published: 4/11/2024
  3. 4: A Snake is Still a Snake

    Published: 4/4/2024
  4. 3: Snake in the Grass

    Published: 3/28/2024
  5. 2: Lies, Lies, Lies

    Published: 3/21/2024
  6. 1: The Mender of Broken Dishes

    Published: 3/21/2024
  7. Introducing: The Butterfly King

    Published: 2/29/2024

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When King Boris III of Bulgaria dies amid mysterious circumstances during World War II, there's no shortage of suspects. But eighty years later, his death remains unsolved. Award-winning journalist Becky Milligan follows a trail of dissidents, poisoners, soldiers and spies to unravel eighty years of lies and cover-ups. This tragic family saga of a doomed royal dynasty is a story of treachery, deceit and a quest for the truth. Who killed the Butterfly King? The Butterfly King is a podcast from Exactly Right, produced by Blanchard House.