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  1. Season Finale - Covid Catch Up & Back to school?

    Published: 8/16/2021
  2. Travelling During Covid & Our Medical Essentials

    Published: 8/9/2021
  3. What Babies do to our Boobies!

    Published: 8/2/2021
  4. Answering Your Questions

    Published: 7/26/2021
  5. Learning from our Children

    Published: 7/19/2021
  6. Hayfever versus COVID - how can you tell?

    Published: 7/13/2021
  7. Really-Real Chat: Dealing With Post-Lockdown Overwhelm

    Published: 7/5/2021
  8. Really-Real Chat: It’s Ok To Say No

    Published: 6/28/2021
  9. Our First Ever Date! Why a Mum Tribe is So Important

    Published: 6/21/2021
  10. The Juggle! How do you do it all?

    Published: 6/7/2021
  11. A deeper dive into Breastfeeding with Lactation Consultant Stacey Zimmels

    Published: 5/31/2021
  12. Breast or Bottle, What's the deal?

    Published: 5/24/2021
  13. Navigating The “New Normal” with Kids

    Published: 5/17/2021
  14. Our Covid Babies Turn 1!

    Published: 4/12/2021
  15. Parental Burnout with Dr Kiran Rahim

    Published: 4/5/2021
  16. It’s in the (Hospital) Bag!

    Published: 3/29/2021
  17. Dispelling the Myth that Mums "Snapback"

    Published: 3/22/2021
  18. Its Mothers Day!

    Published: 3/14/2021
  19. 50 Shades of Poo

    Published: 3/8/2021
  20. The Final Lockdown?

    Published: 3/1/2021

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Being pregnant and becoming a new Mum is a challenge at any time, but it's particularly tough at the moment. We're Dr Punam Krishan & Dr Stephanie Ooi and on this podcast we share our family health and wellbeing insights along with a weekly dose of REAL mum chats about the juggle of being a mum... You may think that being GPs means we have it all figured out but it couldn’t be further from the truth! Join us and our guests weekly and get in touch with us on to join the conversation A Pure Creation Media Production