The Monster Hunters

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61 Episodes

  1. Remembering Jade Allen

    Published: 5/22/2024
  2. Guest Episode: Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason

    Published: 5/13/2022
  3. BACK TO EARTH - A Podcast About Roots by Definitely Human

    Published: 7/20/2021
  4. Steel Got It: Trees!

    Published: 12/16/2020
  5. Powers Through It: Mersharks!

    Published: 12/9/2020
  6. Steel Got It: Mortality and a Final Message!

    Published: 12/2/2020
  7. Steel Got It: The Mind and Mortality!

    Published: 11/25/2020
  8. Steel Got It: Monster Hunting and the Mind!

    Published: 11/18/2020
  9. Steel Got It: Mystery and Monster Hunting!

    Published: 11/11/2020
  10. Steel Got It: Mountains and Mystery!

    Published: 11/4/2020
  11. Steel Got It: Money and Mountains!

    Published: 10/28/2020
  12. Steel Got It: Antique Shops!

    Published: 10/21/2020
  13. Steel Got It: Wax!

    Published: 10/14/2020
  14. Steel Got It: The Unexplained!

    Published: 10/7/2020
  15. Steel Got It: The Human Heart!

    Published: 9/30/2020
  16. Steel Got It: Adverts!

    Published: 9/23/2020
  17. Steel Got It: The Past!

    Published: 9/16/2020
  18. Steel Got It: The Sea!

    Published: 9/9/2020
  19. Steel Got It: The Beast of Albion Part Two!

    Published: 9/2/2020
  20. Steel Got It: The Beast of Albion Part One!

    Published: 8/26/2020

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Take a trip back to swinging London in the early 1970s and meet Roy Steel, ex-big game hunter, and Lorrimer Chesterfield, a brain in the shape of a man. Together they are The Monster Hunters. Their mission: to protect the country from vampires, werewolves and a whole pantheon of unmentionable terrors! Taking its cue from the classic period of British horror and adventure, the 1960s and 70s, The Monster Hunters is a comedy adventure series written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.