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  1. Weekend Favorite: "The Bill of Wrongs" w/ Peter Sagal

    Published: 5/2/2024
  2. "Eponymously Yours" w/ A.J. & Greg

    Published: 5/2/2024
  3. "Ditloids" w/ Noel Brown

    Published: 5/1/2024
  4. "A Colorful Puzzle" w/ Noel Brown

    Published: 4/30/2024
  5. "ETs Everywhere" w/ Noel Brown

    Published: 4/29/2024
  6. "The Psychology of Puzzles" w/ Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

    Published: 4/26/2024
  7. "Bayer vs. Bayer" w/ Vanessa and Jonah Bayer

    Published: 4/25/2024
  8. "Really Weird Stuff" w/ Vanessa and Jonah Bayer

    Published: 4/24/2024
  9. "I Love That For U" w/ Vanessa and Jonah Bayer

    Published: 4/23/2024
  10. "Belushi's Sushi" w/ Vanessa and Jonah Bayer

    Published: 4/22/2024
  11. Weekend Favorites: "Woody Goody" w/ Roy Wood Jr.

    Published: 4/20/2024
  12. "Bad Ass" w/ Ben Thompson and Pat Larash

    Published: 4/19/2024
  13. "A Funnish Puzzle" w/ Arika Okrent

    Published: 4/18/2024
  14. "Eye Rhymes" w/ Arika Okrent

    Published: 4/17/2024
  15. "Letters Witch" w/ Adam Felber

    Published: 4/16/2024
  16. "B Movies" w/ Adam Felber

    Published: 4/15/2024
  17. Weekend Favorite: "Taking the Simpsons to the Bank" w/ Mike Reiss

    Published: 4/13/2024
  18. "Could You Solve A Puzzle To Save The World?" w/ A.J. & Greg

    Published: 4/12/2024
  19. "Far/Sad" w/ Negin Farsad

    Published: 4/11/2024
  20. "Core Competence" w/ Negin Farsad

    Published: 4/10/2024

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Finally, your daily puzzle fix—in audio form! Every day, in 10 minutes or less, New York Times bestselling author A.J. Jacobs and his celebrity guests will puzzle–and laugh–their way through new spins on old puzzle favorites, like anagrams and palindromes, as well as quirky originals such as “Ask Chat GPT” and audio rebuses.  Plus, Chief Puzzle Officer Greg Pliska joins A.J. each week to present new puzzles from the Puzzle Lab. And there’s a daily Extra Credit Puzzler for our Puzzlers at home. (Answers revealed in the following episode.)  Subscribe to The Puzzler podcast today for more puzzling puzzles that will puzzle you, puzzlingly! "The Puzzler with A.J. Jacobs" is distributed by iHeartPodcasts and is a co-production with Neuhaus Ideas.  Our executive producers are Neely Lohmann and Adam Neuhaus of Neuhaus Ideas, and Lindsay Hoffman of iHeart Podcasts. The show is produced by Jody Avirgan and Brittani Brown of Roulette Productions.  Our Chief Puzzle Officer is Greg Pliska. Our associate producer is Andrea Schoenberg.