The Science Pawdcast

A podcast by Jason Zackowski


393 Episodes

  1. Season 6 Episode 6: Neutrino-Hunting Trees, and the Auditory Secrets of Fish with Dr. Allison Coffin

    Published: 3/8/2024
  2. Science Chat: Planet Nine and More with Dr. Stephanie Deppe

    Published: 3/6/2024
  3. PetChat March 2nd: Winter Whimsy and Surviving and Thriving with Pets

    Published: 3/4/2024
  4. Season 6 Episode 5: Striped Fish, Men and Dogs, and Sniffing out Science with Kayla Fratt

    Published: 3/1/2024
  5. February 2024 Science Round Up: From Micro-Vertebrates to Moon Landers

    Published: 2/28/2024
  6. Pet Chat February 24 2024: Coyote Tales, Dog Training, and Rolling Bone Magazine Spotlight

    Published: 2/27/2024
  7. Season 6 Episode 4: Fusion Power, Fish Tanks, and The Heart of Veterinary Care with Dr. Melanie Butera

    Published: 2/23/2024
  8. Pet Chat February 18th: Bunsen and Beaker in the Big City and other Tales!

    Published: 2/19/2024
  9. Season 6 Episode 3: Toddlers, AI, Reading to Dogs, and Invasive Microplastics with Dr. Imari Walker-Franklin

    Published: 2/18/2024
  10. Pet Chat February 10th: Paws, Purrs, and Pet Antics

    Published: 2/13/2024
  11. Season 6 Episode 2: Tardigrades, Noses and Baby Bears with Danielle Rivet

    Published: 2/9/2024
  12. Science Chat: The Extraordinary Role of Detection Dogs in Wildlife Research

    Published: 2/8/2024
  13. Pet Chat February 3: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond

    Published: 2/5/2024
  14. Season 6 Episode 1: Teen Cannabis Use, Tail Wagging, and Golden Retriever Cancer

    Published: 2/3/2024
  15. Pet Chat: Weathering the Storm with Wagging Tails, Winter Gear, and Wholesome Pet Tales

    Published: 1/28/2024
  16. January 6th Pet Chat: Tales from the Tank to the Home Office

    Published: 1/7/2024
  17. Paws, Laughter, and Milestones: A Year in Review with Bunsen and Beaker

    Published: 1/2/2024
  18. Season 5 Episode 44: Daydreaming Mice, Wooly Dogs, and Teaching Science with Heart with guest Skylar Stevens

    Published: 12/22/2023
  19. Pet Chat Dec 16 Festive Follies, and Furry Foe Fixes: Year-End Reflections with Jason and Kris!

    Published: 12/18/2023
  20. Season 5 Episode 43: Horned Snakes, Wolf Microbes, and Sarah Laframboise on Yeast Power

    Published: 12/15/2023

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The Science Pawdcast breaks down the latest science happening in the human world AND the pet world. Each episode will also bring you a guest to enthral you with their area of knowledge.You'll learn, be captivated, and laugh along with host Jason Zackowski. Pets and Science, it's the pawfect mix. You'll also get episodes of SciChat and PetChat which are the live shows from social audio. SciChat has an interview and Q+A with a scientist, while PetChat is a live community gathering for games and stories about pets! For Science, Empathy, and Cuteness!