The Supernatural Virgin

A podcast by: Darren & Vasco
The Journey Begins.

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The Journey Begins...Sam. Dean. Castiel. Bobby. Jodie. If these names mean something to you, then you’ll probably be familiar with the CW show ‘Supernatural’ – a show that aired in 2005 and has a run of 15 successful seasons, over 15 amazing years. But not everyone has heard of this show. Not everyone has watched this show. Don’t worry – that’s where we come in. Talking with my friend about shows we love, I was astounded to learn that he had never heard of Supernatural, and I was stunned that there could be people out there who had not experienced this show. So we set ourselves a challenge – to watch the entirety of Supernatural (yes, all 15 seasons) and comment, critique and capture what it is that makes the show so special.That is, if we both feel it is so special. I’ve been with the show since the start – but perhaps I have a nostalgic and unrealistic view of it’s early days? My friend adores horror films, but perhaps theres a reason he hasn’t watched Supernatural. Perhaps he’ll grow to love it as much as I do. Perhaps I’ll find it wasn’t quite the show I remember. Who knows? There’s only one way to find out! But we don’t want to take this journey alone, oh no. There is a gigantic Supernatural family out there, and we want you to take the journey with us. We’ll be releasing our podcast weekly, and welcome your views, comments, observations – but remember, only one of us has seen it, the other is watching from scratch, so no cheeky spoilers!You can join in by listening to our podcast, ‘The Supernatural Virgin’, and by leaving comments here at the website, or through social media (follow The Supernatural Virgin on Twitter, @SPNVIRGINPOD). Perhaps you can watch along with us, and even encourage your own Supernatural virgins to watch too. It’s never too late to hit the road.