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  1. My Final Goodbye (the last episode)

    Published: 12/14/2023
  2. The Man Who Saved The Book (Derin Emre)

    Published: 12/8/2023
  3. Saying Goodbye To What We Used To Be (with Ammar)

    Published: 11/30/2023
  4. Overcoming Bullying, Acne, and Loneliness (with Staffan Taylor)

    Published: 11/22/2023
  5. Yes Theory’s first and only investor (Tom Wright)

    Published: 11/14/2023
  6. A conversation with my older brothers (The Buried Life)

    Published: 11/9/2023
  7. A Pause...

    Published: 11/8/2023
  8. Book Cover REVEAL!! (and how we got here)

    Published: 10/12/2023
  9. "I Wasn’t Sure If We Would Ever Be Friends Again" (Matt & Thomas Open Up)

    Published: 10/5/2023
  10. She Knows All of Yes Theory’s Secrets (Yes Theory Team Therapist)

    Published: 9/28/2023
  11. The Man Who Saved Yes Theory (Yes Theory's Head of Operations)

    Published: 9/21/2023
  12. The Secret to Unlocking Your Creativity with Mark Manson (Author of Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck)

    Published: 9/14/2023
  13. I'm Back (Kinda)

    Published: 9/10/2023
  14. American Dreams

    Published: 9/15/2021
  15. Growing Up Under a Microscope

    Published: 9/8/2021
  16. Our Secret Weapon For Long-Term Success

    Published: 9/1/2021
  17. Are We Spiritual?

    Published: 8/25/2021
  18. How to Travel like Yes Theory

    Published: 8/18/2021
  19. Are We What We Eat?

    Published: 8/11/2021
  20. How We Turned Our Greatest Weaknesses into Strengths

    Published: 8/4/2021

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In order to achieve growth, discomfort is unavoidable. So why not seek it out? Yes Theory co-founders Matt, Ammar, and Thomas are turning off the cameras and turning on the mics to reflect upon how Discomfort actually might hold the keys to meaning and happiness. The Yes Theory Podcast shares behind-the-scenes stories and talks with expert guests to gather insights about the world at large, our place in it, and one another.