Turning to the Mystics with James Finley

A podcast by Center for Action and Contemplation - Mondays


116 Episodes

  1. The Way of a Pilgrim: Session 1

    Published: 3/25/2024
  2. Turning to The Way of a Pilgrim

    Published: 3/18/2024
  3. Mechthild of Magdeburg: Listener Questions (Part 2)

    Published: 12/4/2023
  4. Mechthild of Magdeburg: Listener Questions (Part 1)

    Published: 11/28/2023
  5. Bonus: Bernard McGinn on Mechthild, Eckhart, and Mysticism

    Published: 11/6/2023
  6. Coaching Session: May God Bind Us All

    Published: 10/23/2023
  7. Dialogue 3: A Love That Binds

    Published: 10/16/2023
  8. Mechthild of Magdeburg: Session 3

    Published: 10/9/2023
  9. Dialogue 2: A Loving Exchange

    Published: 10/2/2023
  10. Mechthild of Magdeburg: Session 2

    Published: 9/25/2023
  11. Dialogue 1: The Soul Came to Love

    Published: 9/18/2023
  12. Mechthild of Magdeburg: Session 1

    Published: 9/11/2023
  13. Turning to Mechthild of Magdeburg

    Published: 9/5/2023
  14. Bonus: Meister Eckhart Resources

    Published: 8/23/2023
  15. Meister Eckhart: Listener Questions (Part 3)

    Published: 8/14/2023
  16. Meister Eckhart: Listener Questions (Part 2)

    Published: 8/7/2023
  17. Meister Eckhart: Listener Questions (Part 1)

    Published: 7/31/2023
  18. Bonus: Meister Eckhart's Life and Influence feat. Rev. Matthew Fox

    Published: 6/12/2023
  19. A Coaching Session on Eckhart's Path

    Published: 6/5/2023
  20. Dialogue 4: Surrendering to the Ground

    Published: 5/30/2023

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Turning to the Mystics is a podcast for people searching for something more meaningful, intimate and richly present in the divine gift of their lives. James Finley, clinical psychologist and Living School faculty, offers a modern take on the historical contemplative practices of Christian mystics like Teresa of Avila, Thomas Merton, John of the Cross among others. Leaning into their experiences can become a gateway to hope, healing and oneness. Together with Kirsten Oates from the Center for Action and Contemplation, they explore listener questions and examine their own paths as modern contemplatives in this beautiful and broken world.